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Doug & Marie

Get to know your innkeepers ....

Marie and Doug Botcher are the owners/operators of the Meadows Inn. They operate and manage all aspects of “The Meadows”. Both Marie and Doug are native residents of the area, both born in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Marie hails from Mabel, Minnesota, just 22 miles south of Rushford on US-43, while Doug comes from the Houston, Minnesota area, 12 miles to the east on US-16. They have two adult children, Peter and Nicole, also both born in La Crosse, who both make proud parents out of Marie and Doug. Peter and Nikki both live in the Twin Cities.

Marie has lived in this area all of her "39" years with the exception of a five-year span from 1995 to 2000 when Doug hauled her and Nikki to Columbia, Missouri for his job (Peter was on his own by then). The 'much older' Doug was in the Navy from 1964-1967, lived in Phoenix, Arizona for a short time, before he and Marie married, and in Missouri from 1995 to 2000. Other than those few occasions, they have lived in southeastern Minnesota their entire lives.

You may wonder how or why we became B & B innkeepers. The reason is that Marie had a long-standing dream to be an innkeeper at her own B & B. She visited “The Meadows” prior to becoming the owner and fell in love with it, saying that if we ever ventured into a B & B operation, she wanted one like this. Being the dutiful husband, Doug embraced the idea (after a little coaxing) and here we are. To this day, “The Meadows” is essentially a female-driven operation.

We have varied interests. Marie is an avid reader, a seamstress, a self-educated interior and exterior designer, a walker, as well as being a great cook. She is always searching for new ways to upgrade/improve the interior and the exterior, as well as seeking out new recipes for our guests enjoyment while staying with us. All of this keeps her very busy. Even with that, she finds time to be a trustee for the Rushford Public Library.

Doug is a reader also, although much slower than Marie. He is a winemaker, a handyman, and President of the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce. He also walks, hikes, bikes and/or runs nearly every day, typically for an hour or more.

Marie and Doug designed this website, with Doug performing all of the actual html coding to achieve the results. Both of them are very active in the maintenance and constant improvements seen in the grounds surrounding Meadows Inn.

Rushford has a great, challenging, wooded walking trail up the north side of Magelssen Bluff that Doug tries to walk two or three times per week, though that drops off dramatically in the winter. Ask him where the trail is when staying with us. The trailhead location (#13 on the map) is noted on the map on our website. We are located in the upper right (northeast) corner of the map.

  • Click on this link for a GPS recording of the walk from The Meadows to the top of the bluff.
  • Click on this link for a GPS recording of the walk from the top of the bluff back to The Meadows. These images are courtesy of our daughter who walked with Doug recently.
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