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The Rushford Peterson Valley

Rushford Peterson Valley

The Rushford Peterson Valley is comprised of three cities; Rushford, Peterson and Rushford Village. These three cities have united with a twofold purpose; first, to form a singular community to encourage visitors to experience what we have to offer, and, second, to encourage individuals, families and businesses to relocate to our valley on a permanent basis. As a community, we offer activities for visitors, and we offer a full-service community to those who see the value to living in a slower paced life from that of larger metro areas.

For businesses seeking a locale to establish themselves, our community offers many opportunities for success. There exists an infrastructure that currently supports almost any type of business you would expect. Within the RP Valley, there is ample room for growth through expansion or new construction, plus there is a welcoming environment for both conditions.

The City of Rushford


This is a view of Rushford, the city that Meadows Inn calls home, looking westward at the 440-foot high Magelssen Bluff. If you take the five minute drive from our inn, you can go to one of the lookouts and get a great view of the city and the valleys surrounding Rushford. From the Magelssen Bluff city park, you can see the 5th oldest oak tree in Minnesota, plus other natural wonders such as a blufftop view of the Rushford Peterson Valley. The present landscape resulted largely from glacial activity during the Quaternary period (2 million years ago to the present).

Rushford is a community of approximately 1,700 people. Said by many to be a full-service destination, it is a beautiful community nestled in the valleys created by the ice melt following the glacial era in Minnesota. Located in the Northeast corner of Fillmore County, our town is part of Southeastern Minnesota's Historic Bluff Country, with the asphalt-paved Root River State Bike Trail running through it, and the Root River flowing right next to it. Both offer recreational opportunities, such as biking, walking or canoeing, for residents and visitors to the area. Another popular outdoor activity is hiking the Magelssen Bluff trail, which has varying degrees of difficulty contained in a compact area.

Located at the junctions of newly-paved US Highways 16 and 43, only ten miles south of Interstate 90, Rushford is easy to get to. With Norwegian, German, and Irish traditions, Rushford has a community library and a successful school system with a strong sports record and academic achievement. It's a nice place to visit, and an even better place to live.

Shopping in Rushford Peterson Valley

Rushford provides many opportunities to purchase the items you need, or want. Antiques, thrift store items, goods from the hardware store, groceries, plus other items to fulfil your needs. Some of what Rushford has to offer includes:

Other Businesses in Rushford Peterson Valley

We have a plethora of businesses in our valley that can satisfy your needs for photography, auto parts, insurance, health/fitness, pharmaceutical, landscape design, commercial signage, auto sales and service, banking, recreational sales and service, plumbing and heating, electrical, medical, and dental plus a local weekly newspaper. Restaurants in Rushford Peterson Valley and the area are listed on our Breakfast page.

For information on the other businesses, this link will take you to the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce website that contains the names of the businesses and links to available websites.

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